TFC Personal Protection
Learning to protect our Three Foot Circle

1st Level and 2nd Level
(18 Years old and above)

TFC (Three Foot Circle) is a program designed by Tom Pardue that gives the average person the ability to protect and defend themselves with only a few hours of training.

Realizing that most people,  while wanting to have the ability to protect themselves and their families, are unable to spend the months of training required to reach a level of proficiency with regular Martial Arts training.  TFC is the perfect answer.

Using a set of easily learned techniques, participants learn the ability to stun and remove themselves from a threatening situation, using non-deadly techniques that are perfectly legaland non-libelous.  No punches, no kicks, no gouging, no athletic ability required.

TFC is the perfect system for women and girls of all ages, recognizing that many threats they face do not require deadly force, but do require the need to remove themselves from a threat quickly and easily.  This is the PERFECT program for young women entering college

After the initial 2-4 hours of TFC group training, follow up classes are available to hone the skills learned

Threats that TFC address include:
*Recognition and Legal Response to aggressive behavior
*Recognizing the difference in high & low level threats and responding correctly
*Proper and effective response to Date Rape/Sexual   Assault situations
*Car Jacking Prevention & Protection (2nd Level TFC)
*Dealing with threats when younger family members  are present
*Dealing with Deadly Force (TFC 3rd Level Tactical) Firearm, Knife, and club disarms

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TFC Personal Protection ™

Check out Master Tom on the
ABC News Special Report "Fighting Off" on May 20, 2013


Tom Pardue's East West Kung-Fu Academy

TFC Stun and Run at the South Central Ky. Vocational School  in Franklin, Ky.

TFC Safe Gradz
Stun and Run for
College Bound Students

Safe Gradz is a TFC Stun and Run specifically designed for the challenges faced by incoming college age students who are entering the academic world for the first time.  The course teaches in 3 hours an easily learned personal protection system that can be used immediately without technical proficiency, and can be used in a legal and non-libelous manner.  Common sense and self awareness are an integral part of this sessions training

Threats that TFC Safe Gradz  address include:
*Recognition and Legal Response to aggressive behavior
*Recognizing the difference in high & low level threats anf responding correctly
*Proper and effective response to Date Rape/Sexual Assault situations
*Car Jacking Prevention & Protection (2nd Level TFC)
*Dealing with threats when other campus members  are present

TFC Safe Kidz™
(6-11 years old)

Safe Kidz is a program of  Kid Empowerment that teaches kids between the ages of 6-11 the ABCs of Stranger Danger Escape.  The two hour program utilizes a kids natural abilities, speed and agility, coupled with easily learned techniques, to give them the tools they need to regognize and escape from threatening people. Emphasis is placed on recognition of possible dangers before they develop.  The classes are taught in a fun, interactive  game like manner which makes the kids enjoy learning and helps them to retain the knowledge and techniques involved..(These classes are taught as part of the curriculum at East West Kung-Fu)

TFC Safe Teenz™
(12-17 years olds)

Safe Teenz is designed specifically to deal with the threats faced by kids in the Teenage world.  Recognizing that teens are involved in many social and school activities, often without the supervision of adults, for the first time in their life, Safe Teenz gives them an easily learned  practical set of protection techniques that will enable them to "Recognize and Remove"  themselves from threatening situations.

Since the threats faced by teens are different between young men and young women, TFC Safe Teenz training is gender specific, with separate classes and different training for each sex. 

Taught in a group environment by trained TFC Master Instructors, each teen will leave with the knowledge and training they need to survive in the new world they find themselves in, as they enter the High School and Collegiate world.

TFC Tactical™
3rd Level**
(21 years old and above)

TFC Tactical is designed for Law Enforcement, Security and Military style needs. 

Participants are taught stunning and compliance techniques, as well as submission and escort procedures that are not only extremely effective, but are used with non-deadly, non-libelous force.

The TFC Tactical system will work on any perpetrators, regardless of their level of intoxication or drug influence.  The best part of the system for law enforcement and business security is its non violent look and approach to perpetrator compliance and removal.  As we all now, in todays litigious society, and due to the fact they we are constantly under scrutiny (eye-to-eye and video), it is extremely important to present ourselves properly at all times.

All TFC Law Enforcement and Security classes are conducted by TFC Tactical Instructor Tom Pardue

**The civilian Level III includes Kentucky Concealed Carry Weapons certification..